Tuesday, 17 April 2012

5 Benefits of Completing a First Aid Certification Course

First aid is the immediate treatment administered in the event of any injury or sickness. It involves a set of simple measures given as initial care to stabilize the victim and promote recovery till more specialized medical assistance arrives on the scene. Such a kind of treatment is generally provided not by an expert but by any person who has reasonable training in first aid.

Getting a first aid certification for your self has a number of benefits; some of them are listed below.

• Quick Administration: The prime aim of first aid is of course to preserve the life of the victim by applying certain techniques that include addressing the airways, breathing and circulation popularly known as ABC of first aid. The stress is, however, on prompt administration of treatment to prevent any permanent damage while simultaneously trying to boost recovery till the professionals take over. A first aid course will not only allow you to identify the problem but gives you the expertise and confidence to act quickly thus saving precious minutes.

• Tackling Several Situations: First aid training will give you the knowledge to address a number of varied circumstances. These may range from non-serious situations like minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, sprains to more serious and emergency situations like heavy bleeding, burns, fractures, poisoning, drowning, shock, allergic reaction and choking. First aid can also come to the rescue in life-threatening situation when the person is unconscious or has suffered a cardiac arrest and requires resuscitation.

• Disaster Survival: Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes are some natural disasters that can have a catastrophic effect and cause grievous injuries to a large number of people due to its huge impact. Prior first aid training will give you a better chance of survival, and in addition you can help out the other people too until rescue workers are able to reach you. If you live in regions that are particularly vulnerable to any such natural disasters then first aid certification is a must for you.

• Preparedness: First aid training helps in keeping you prepared to face any kind of situation that might require medical help. You will know the kind of supplies that you must keep in the first aid kit depending on the particular nature of your surroundings, and furthermore you will know which supplies to use for different conditions.

• Safer Environment: First aid certification not only assists in treatment but the increased awareness of the potential danger can be preventive and promote a safer environment. This helps to increase the safety at your workplace whether it is an office with electronic equipments or a site where heavy machinery and sharp tools are being used. Also it makes your home safer for all members of your family especially small children and older people.

As you can see a first aid certification course can be beneficial to almost everyone, and is not only restricted to those working in the medical field. You can take up a basic course or a more specialized one if you have particular requirements.

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