Sunday, 22 April 2012

Career Opportunities In Media And Journalism

ByAdarsh Narayan Singh

Mass media is an attractive industry for young adults who step into the real world after stepping out from school life. Today many students are opting for various courses as per their choice and requirements. Mass media is one of the most sought after course which young students are eagerly taking up. There are numerous mass communication colleges in Delhi and all over India who provide courses related to mass communication. Institutes like Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Jamia Milia Islamia, Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences (JIMS), Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and YMCA Centre of Mass Media are some institutes which offer graduate and post graduate courses in mass media.

Its cosmopolitan nature opens up various avenues for students opting for it as a career choice. Today journalists have acquired an edge in the cut-throat competition age where everyone is joining the horse race to excel and perform better. Indian students are choosing more public domain courses rather than technical or clinical education. Not only in India but also in US Indian students are opting for courses related to journalism. This is a coveted course which brings out an individual's potential to the forefront and shows marksmanship in an individual's skills.

Journalism refers to news collection and dissemination, followed by production and resulting into audio-visualization. All these phases of processing require huge talent along with reporters, editors and other designated officers too. Lots of mass media colleges in Delhi and Mumbai attract young talent annually and most of them come out with flying colors who join various media houses established in numerous parts of India. India is considered the best hub of education, as a course mass media has gained a status figure and has acquired a grand image in people's mind. Journalists are considered to be the game changers in a society; they can bring about rapid changes not just in a society but all over the country too.

It is divided into three parts: print media, television and broadcasting and advertising. All three are very engaging and lucrative as well. These fields of journalism are synonymous to each other as one cannot survive without the other. This is a prestigious line which brings name and fame to every individual respectively depending on their potential output. In earlier times this field did not have any attraction or reputation because as a field the scope to perform was restricted and very much limited. Today this is a flourishing industry giving enormous output and raking in pots of money through advertising.

The opportunities for journalists are endless but the job has become far more challenging than before. If any individual cannot keep up with the changing scenarios and environments then rise in this industry becomes a far-fetched dream. It's very important for students to do a specialization in any of the courses mentioned rather than just holding a diploma degree because it gives an added advantage to students while securing a job for themselves. We wish our future game changers a hearty best of luck for their success in this industry.

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