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Examination Practices That Can Help You Pass

An exam can either spell success or doom depending on how you handle it. Some people fail exams not because of failing to prepare adequately, but because of doing wrong things during an examination. How can you succeed during an exam?

Preparing your mind just before an exam

The period just before an exam is very important in preparing your mind. You have been studying for some time and there is practically nothing tangible you can do to improve, academically, at this point. Make sure you are in a relaxed mood. Do not allow anyone to remind you about a topic you have not studied at this time. Be content.

If you have always been putting on a certain type of attire, maintain it. Do not introduce drastic changes to yourself at this time. Since there could only be less than ten minutes before the exam commences, make sure you have organized all the necessary exam requirements.

Exam practices to help you pass

Once you have been handed the exam paper, read every written word on the cover page. This mechanism helps you to make sure that you are writing the right paper and you do not miss any critical instructions.

In order to get the best results during the exam, here are some tips you can look out for:
Choose questions thoroughly: Choose questions you are sure you can answer, and start with the easiest. Avoid spending time on long and challenging questions as you start.
Understand the questions: Read through the questions at least two times. Take your time to grasp what each question is asking for. Do not preempt the questions.
Put your mind to work: Allow your mind to work to its full dimensions. Do not look for excuses to avoid putting in your very best.
Avoid distracting yourself: When the exam is in progress, the invigilator will keep vigil to make sure you are not distracted. Therefore, ignore any person communicating to you; and avoid doing the same unless you are allowed.
Do not cheat: Cheating is the sure way to guarantee failure even if you had the potential to pass. If you are caught cheating, that might be the end. But if you are not caught, you are not going to write with a free mind.
A silent prayer: This has been noted to be a super source of strength and confidence during examinations. Smile to yourself and be happy at this time.
Consult the invigilator: When you have any matter that has come up, promptly consult the invigilator.

Conclude an exam with pride

As the exam draws to a close, check through your work. Ensure that you have answered the right questions according to instructions. Carefully look at your answer script and make sure you have entered your details correctly. Then you can smile back and handover the answer scrip.

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