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Facts About Hitler and the Holocaust You Really Need to Know

ByRaymond J Lin

The term Judenrein has a lot to do with the Holocaust, it means to get rid of Jews.

Jewish experience during the Holocaust doesn't only mean hiding until the storm is over, that only applies to the lucky. Most of the Jews died, Hitler killed roughly 6 million Jews during the Holocaust which begun in 1942.

Why didn't the Jews fight back? It isn't because they couldn't, it's because even 'till that moment, they had strong religious beliefs and fastened to their traditions.

How much do we really know about Hitler? We know that he came to power after WW1 meitculously assimilating the economic downfall into his plans. But do we all know Hitler once had a lover and had dreams along with tough times? He also had a self-searching moment which all youthes had, except he found a fascist devotion to his country...instead. Well, Hitler's lover was Eva Braun, and the result of this love...is suicide. Failing to be viable to Hitler, she shot herself. Where did Hitler's anti-semitic and communistic ideas come from? Well, if you've read Mein Kampf the you should know. It was during the time when Hitler and his early Nazi party tried to revolt against the Weimar Republic that Mein Kampf developed it's foundation. It was when Hitler was sent to jail as a result that he spent his time writing. Within the process of his writing, he developed an obsession, a pure corrupted image of a semitic communistic conspiracy. Hitler was a fascist leader who promoted nationalism, however, did all of Germany love him? The answer is no, during the latter stages of World War II, when Hitler was driven to edge, German War Generals were deemed failures by Hitler. This led to frustration with why Hitler couldn't seem to acknowledge their abilities. Eventually, the generals plotted a conspiracy to assassinate the Fuhrer. If it succeeded, then WWII would've long been over. The end result was devastating, all conspirators were to be executed. Lastly, Hitler death is vastly debated. It is believed that he either took cyanide poisoning or suicide by firearm. But either way it was suicide since he refused to be captured by the "red front."

During the Holocaust, many sacrifices were made, a common scenario would be weighing the life of your own child to the lives of 30. The father would unhesitatingly silence his own son. Also, sons would kill fathers for food.

As Hitler came to power, a series of solutions took place before the Holocaust. First were the nuremberg laws. They took away the rights of Jews and deemed them unable to have marriage with any other race. Next came Kristallnaught, this was a major mark-up in Jewish persecution. It was "the night of broken glass" and believed to have started as a Jewish son shot a German minister out of revenge. After Kristallnaught, the Jews were deported to the Ghettos. They were isolated and soon sent to death camps executing Hitler's final solution. Alternatives of getting rid of Jews were emigrating them to other countries, or sending them away to areas such as Madagascar. This plan ultimately failed as their were millions of Jews.

The Holocaust was believed to have made referance to the Dark Ages. The Romans in the past were believed to have also tagged Jews with the Yellow Star of David and also have isolated them into Ghettos.

During the Jewish transition into realism, they almost immediately lost everything, love lives, birthday-presents, age, names...everything. To survive in the death camps, you'd have to change your age and occupation to working status, otherwise the Germans would have no use for you and send you to the infernos.

At first, the Jews didn't believe that all of the anti semitism was true. They continued to hold this belief or hope until deportation to death camps. Those who witnessed German cruelty were named insane or senile. Even when the Germans came they believed they were nice and harmless. It was only until the world stood silent as hundreds of babies and children were swamped in carrion-ash by the holocaust that Jews lost hope.

Continuing on with the fate of those who were lucky enough to get into labor camps, they were forced to be shaven head to toe naked. Herded like swines and into mis-matched clothes that would've caused laughter. Meals consisted of just a bowl of soup and black coffee. Executions towards defilers would take place consistently, and physicians would check up on the Jewish workers every few weeks on health to see which are to be "selected." Those selected are chosen to die because of their inability to work. Any misinformation has the power to kill. For example, many Jews would ask each other about how there family is faring. If the family is dead then he too would want to die. Others would seek revenge. Revenge was also easy. As the front neared, the Jews were forced to move inland, led by the SS towards Germany. Many died on this journey, this was probably the most memorable. The Jews were sent to inner concentration camps like Buchewald and prisoners waited for liberation. By this point, most Jews were half-dead, death itself made itself a common sight. Out of the 6 million killed, 200,000 were liberated in 1945.

The most successful revolt was at Sobibor. The Jews devised a plan to isolate the camp and break through the main gate after stealing some firearms. SS were assassinated beforehand also. 300 escaped but over 100 recaptured and slain.

11 million were killed in the holocaust, 6 million Jews. the other 5 million were inferiors to the Aryan race.

Many Jews escaped deportation to death camps with fake id's.

Russian war prisoners were also sent to death camps, for some were Jewish.

So what now? Well, if you are interested, you can check out me and my blog, so you can find out more about this topic and I.

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