Friday, 27 April 2012

Medical Transcription - A Rewarding Allied Health Care Career

ByGreg J Carson

I was hospitalized when I was a child. It was bad; I ate something that the Doctors later found out contained pesticides. I can no longer remember the exact way it happened I just recalled picking up something in my neighbor's backyard and putting it in my mouth, then feeling bad and vomiting. After that the next thing I can recall is waking up in the hospital with my mom on my side smiling at me while touching my head.

It took me two more weeks in there. I can recall that the stay there was bad. I wasn't allowed solid food, the doctor said it was bad for my throat and I had a tube that runs up my nose directly to my stomach. It was where liquefied food was injected using a big syringe.

After a few weeks of that, I was allowed solid food and that's when things got better for me. But the days where I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything was really bad. However, there were moments that I felt relieved. It's when the doctors and nurses would visit me and check out my vitals and somehow say something nice or ask me if there's anything that hurt. A soothing and compassionate touch here and there wasn't bad too.

During those times, I felt a very high regard for people in the health care. I wanted to very much become a doctor back then. To see them able to help patients get well and touch their lives was such an excellent sight. That part of my life really had a deep effect on me.

However, things sometimes don't go the way we dream them to. You see we weren't well-off. My mom was a teacher and my dad was a prison guard with eight kids. Yes, we were eight kids in the family, I was the third eldest and after my high-school graduation I lost my dream of starting a career in the medical profession. Back then all I could think of was get the shortest course I can and start working to help my Mom and Dad.

So I went to the nearest college and checked out what they offered. That was when I saw one training program on medical transcription. I inquired about it with the student assistant in the registration office and she was very accommodating and explained to me what it's all about. I learned that it was mostly about encoding dictations. It won't involve any actual physical contact with patients unlike traditional health care service providers but I least I would learn everything about the medical industry.

I still had my doubts then but the beautiful and accommodating student assistant was a bit persuasive and let me in on a little secret. She's taking the training as well and would let me in their study group if I want to and in case I enroll. So, I did. I enrolled and everything was well after that. Sure the subjects were sometimes hard. Think about learning pharmacology. Human anatomy and physiology was a relief but the more technical subjects were not easy.

Still I finished the program. A few years later I got a job in a local clinic where I gained more experience. I stayed there for 5 years, the pay was good and I was able to save for a car and a house but more than that I got to work with Sherrie, in case you're wondering, she's the student assistant who persuaded me to take the training. She's also the one who recommended me to work in the clinic. She got there ahead of me and when more transcriptionists were required she recommended me.

That was 5 years ago. Today Sherrie is my wife and we run our own medical transcription company. We have our own home, a stable business and a baby coming. What more can I ask for? I owe all this to medical transcription. I'm not able to make direct contact with patients but in my own small way I'm taking care of them and in return I was rewarded with a life worth living.

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