Friday, 20 April 2012

Off Campus Apartments Promote Friendship

ByAce Abbey

It's one of the most often repeated clichés you'll ever hear: college is the most fun four years of your life. But at what point does a cliché simply become a truism? Surely that one must have passed the test. Indeed, for many, college is one of the most memorable and formative experiences in life. There are surely an almost infinite number of reasons for this-exploring new intellectual pursuits, rooting for the team on Saturdays, discovering passions you had never dreamed of-but perhaps the real reason why college is such an extraordinary time is because of the lifelong friendships that are established. Hanging out and living with fellow classmates on a day to day basis for four years will certainly create some strong relationships. In fact, you might find that, as fun as all the parties are, as exciting as all the sporting events are, the times you will cherish the most in college are the times in which you and your friends are just hanging out and enjoying each other's company-that is, the time that you spend really living together. And while you can live in a dorm or in a fraternity or sorority house, some of the best places to live during college are in off campus apartments.

Off campus apartments offer all kinds of benefits and advantages that you might not necessarily get elsewhere. We can begin with naming perhaps the most obvious boon: independence. You're not going to be weighed down by the rules and regulations of dorm life here; you and your friends are on your own. And while this might mean a lot of fun and a lot of parties, it also means opting out of that stuff when you don't feel like it. Need a quiet place to study without feeling burnt out by the stuffy and austere library? You can do your work from the comfort of your own room-so long as you can get your roommates on the same page. But you'll find that everyone prefers to be on the same schedule anyway.

Off campus apartments also often provide things that might be hard to come by in other housing options: spacious rooms, porches, individual bathrooms, plenty of recreational area-you can expect all of these nice luxuries. Have a pet? You probably won't be allowed to bring one in the dorm, and a fraternity house certainly isn't the best place to keep it. Off campus apartments allow you to have a pet at school and know that it's in a safe environment while you're at class. Many of these spots will also have amenities like a pool, fitness center, or occasionally even a small screening room. Living with your friends in off campus apartments can enhance your college experience and help foster lifelong relationships.

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