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Sky Watchers: Why Did It Come Complete To The Sumerians

We know that any field of study does not develop in one day. It takes time and the one discovery leads to another. In the end the one builds on the other but when we look at the Astronomy used by the Sumerians, we get the idea they received their answers from heaven.


While you may know, this Astronomy is the study of stars and astrology is the study of Fortune telling. While they both use the constellations, stars and planets as the base of understanding the one has no scientific base while the other does. We talk about Astronomy here.

Ancient Mysteries researcher Alan Alford wrote a book called Gods of the New Millennium. Alford has the idea that the Sumerians must have received their knowledge from a race of gods. According to him, the Sumerian had a complete model of the universe right at the beginning of their civilization 6000 years ago. They compiled hundreds of accurate predictions about eclipses and phases of the moon. This also included predicting the equinoxes.

The Wobble of the Earth's Axis

Another amazing part of the Sumerian understanding of astronomy is the fact that they knew about the wobble in the axis of the earth. This wobble is so slow that it takes the earth 26 000 years to complete on circle. This is also the reason why we say we are going into the Age of Aquarius now. While the mystics may make a lot of this, it is an astronomical explainable issue.

Any Other Explanation?

As with most of the ideas connecting us with an alien race or a visit by god-like beings, astronomers reject this explanation and look for answers that are more believable. Astronomers rather believe that the ideas were bubbling up for a long time and it took a breakthrough of some kind to complete this body of knowledge. We also see this in the field of cell phone and computer development. The development might be ahead now a missing part is discovered. At the precise moment of discovery the discovery is already outdated. The Chinese are very good in connecting a new development to things they have already developed.

Far from being backward our ancestors possessed the technology that in many respects were more developed and creative than ours today. Every solstice and equinox old traditions are still repeated at sacred sites across the world as if the ritual in itself will stop the solstice and bring back the sun. Still while the rituals beginning were ancient, the astronomers of the time were keen observers and could predict the yearly phenomena. Whether they knew the reason behind the happening is not clear but my guess is they did but just like in the days of Galileo, it was a religious driven act to perform certain rituals and instead of fighting it, they just kept the truth silent.

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