Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Summer Camps - Choose the Right One

ByPady N

Its vacation time for all children and also when they are at their naughtiest. Parents look for enrolling their children in summer camps to keep them occupied and also enhance their knowledge. Come summer time and you will find scores of camps that advertise for various activities. Choosing one of them from many is a difficult task that a parent is faced with. This task of choosing gets tougher with children opting for the activities that their friends have enrolled for.

With so much of confusion and pressure that parents face from friends and children, here are some tips to help you narrow on one summer camp that can be helpful for your child's all round development.

1. Make a list of the available summer camps - get your children involved in this task of listing. Ask your children to find out about the various summer camps available near your home. This would include all categories - physical fitness, mental fitness, memory enhancement and hobbies etc.

2. Interest of your child - once a parent has a list of the various activities in the area; it is best that they have a chat with their children and identify their interests. This will help to narrow down the search better and also easily. For example: if the child is interested in swimming, there will only be 2-3 summer camps in a locality which has this activity. Therefore, you will then need to narrow down your search based on the criteria given below, which makes it easy to decide.

3. Duration of each camp - this year I came across many ads for summer camps spanning for a maximum period of 10days. It is therefore important for a parent to identify the time that they are willing to spend.

4. The cost involved - of course, this would be the deciding factor for narrowing down on a particular summer camp. Most of them charge anywhere between Rs.750 - Rs2500 depending on the time and the activity.

5. Activities for the child - this is the foremost point to be considered before deciding on a summer activity for your child. Given the time duration with the activities that has been specified, identify if the administrator will be able to complete all of them within the stipulated time. If the numbers of activities are too less or more, then that camp is not for you.

Every summer camp offers lots of activities, but due to time and monetary constraints, not all of these can be enrolled for.

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