Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tutors - How To Use Technology To Your Advantage

ByEric Onsembe Ogero

A tutor is a person who is employed to assist others with their academic studies and assignments on a part-time basis. Before a person can be qualified to be called a tutor, he must first obtain specified professional qualifications from a college or university on what he intends to teach others. For instance, a person who wants to tutor adults in complex mathematics has to pursue a degree in the same course or obtain a relevant diploma from a recognized center of higher learning. The person is also required to have a few years of experience when it comes to teaching. In this respect; tutors are people who have been teachers at one point in their lives and therefore know how to communicate and relate with students.

There are usually two types of tutors - those that are privately hired and those that are not. Private tutors are instructors who teach specific subjects or courses to individual students. In most cases, private tutors are hired and paid by the students although there are special cases where an agency or the student's family can decide to foot the bill. More often than not, the tutors are required to meet with the students at their place of residence. This falls in the context of homeschooling. In other situations, tutors can choose to meet up with their students in a neutral place such as a public library.

That said; professional tutors are in very high demand. These tutors are constantly being sought after by college students who need help with their academic assignments and guidance on how to prepare for their examinations. If you happen to be a professional tutor who receives numerous requests from students who want your services and you're reading this post then you'll be glad to know that this post will help you learn how to manage your career better by using technology to your advantage.

One way that professional tutors can use technology to their advantage is by implementing online appointment scheduling systems. Better known as online booking systems, these are systems that professionals, not only tutors, can use to help them keep track of all their clients, their specific needs and the time that they want to be catered to among many others. In order for us to better understand this concept let us look at how online booking systems function.

As mentioned earlier, online appointment scheduling systems help professionals to manage their careers by helping them keep track of the number of clients that they receive and the specific services that they require. Where tutors are concerned, these computerized systems helps tutors to be able to know about the different people who require their services. For example, once these systems have been integrated into the official website of the tutor, people who require the services of a specific tutor can simply go online, find his official website and send a request to the tutor with the details of what they require.

This system of using the internet to communicate with professionals has many advantages to both the tutors and the clients seeking their services. To the tutors, online booking systems help them to be able to save time that they would have otherwise spent in making phone calls or meeting with clients on a one on one basis. Instead, professional tutors with good reputations can simply receive requests from potential clients online and as such they will be able to plan their schedules accordingly as to when they will cater to these clients' needs.

Online booking systems are also advantageous to the clients. In this respect; the clients are at liberty to use any electronic device that can connect to the internet and supports a browser to make a booking.

Indeed, the use of online appointment scheduling systems coupled with scheduling software has revolutionized the way tutors, and other professionals, go about interacting with their clients.

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